Transform A Spare Bedroom Into...

… Movie Theater


  • Warner Brothers recently announced all 2021 films will now be available for streaming the same day they are released to the theater. Now is the perfect time to convert your spare bedroom into a movie theater!
  • Imagine the convenience of having a theater right in your house, don’t worry about being there on time, buying tickets, and traveling across town.
  • You’re in control of everything. The furniture, the lighting, the sound, and even the snacks!

… Yoga and Exercise Room


  • Crank up the music or keep it quiet. Easily switch between meditating and dancing to your favorite workout music.
  • Create a dedicated space for both your physical and mental health.
  • Add some color-changing lighting to fit your mood.

… Zoom Room


  • Keep out the noise from the rest of the house for your important meetings.
  • Just close the door to stay focused by minimizing distractions from coming in.
  • The perfect setup for remote learning and interactive gaming.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Denise Simons, one of the premier interior designers in Nashville, Tennessee. Denise will provide expert advice including color, layout and furnishings.


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The best way to describe what we offer is a “Turnkey Entertainment Solution”. You choose the layout or template that fits your room size. Then, you select the AV system that not only fits your needs but also fits your budget. Finally, you pick the theme or style of your design and enjoy. Installation only takes 2-3 days and doesn’t leave a mess. It’s that easy.

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