Tiny Home, Big Vision

Denise Simons Taps Absolute AV for Her Tiny Home Project

Tiny Home, Big Vision

Tiny Homes are all the rage these days, and when Denise Simons of Lifestyle with Denise Simons asked Absolute AV Consulting to help out on her Tiny Home project, we were happy to oblige!

Simons’ vision was to repurpose a small carriage house into an indoor/outdoor space that would be equally suitable as a guest house, entertainment annex or a meeting space. Absolute AV was up the challenge!

After consulting with Simons to gain a complete understanding of her vision, we got right to work!

Welcome Home

The doorbell at the front entry allows the property owner to see the guest via phone, tablet or other device. The owner may then have a conversation with the guest prior to allowing access. This satisfies the security requirement. Check!

Also high Simons’ list was the desire that electronic devices not be the focus of attention within the space. No problem. One of the first things a guest will notice upon entering is a beautiful framed piece of art. What they won’t see is a tv screen. “Moving art,” by Media Decor was used to create this illusion. When not in use, the tv is hidden away, but at the touch of a button, the canvas rolls up into the frame, revealing the tv screen.

Deceptively Spacious

Simons wanted soft, subtle lighting indoors. To accomplish this, the space’s vaulted ceiling was used as a reflective surface with LED strips providing indirect light. The strips can be set to white or a variety of colors based on mood or planned event.

To fulfill Simons’ desire to use the structure as a meeting space, a 110” screen was installed. With the push of a button, the screen drops down from the ceiling. Audio for on-screen presentations is provided via two speakers located at ceiling height and providing an even sound experience.

The back entry to the structure is a folding glass wall that, when opened, provides full access to the patio, pool and other outdoor amenities. Absolute AV built on this feature by placing speakers under the awning on the back wall to provide audio pleasure for guests on the patio.

And what a view!

Six more outdoor speakers are scattered about the pool and adjacent garden. The pool area also includes a water feature / fire bowl that is the perfect way to set the mood for a party or a low-key evening under the stars.

The ability to manage so many features from a single device is a concept Absolute AV calls Pure Control. Stated another way, it’s about managing your environment from almost any device to control operating costs and conserve energy. In this installation, everything indoors (front entry doorbell, draperies, lighting and sound) and outdoors (pool pumps, pool lighting, water/fire feature and landscape lighting) can be managed manually or pre-set to turn on and off individually or in groups. That’s home automation at its best!

In a Party Mood?

One of the more popular aspects of this type of system is that the owner can select one of several ambiance presets to greet an incoming guest. Presets may be turned on via iPad or through a keypad inside the front door. Choosing “Welcome Home,” for example, might present the guest with a calm, soothing combination of sound, lighting and color, while choosing “Party” may greet them with something quite different!

It was such a pleasure working with Denise Simons on this project, we can’t wait do it again.

With all the new technologies, the possibilities in home automation are endless and putting it all together to realize your vision is trickier than ever. Fortunately, there is one choice you can make that simplifies all the rest…

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