Aurora Nashville

CeCe Winans and the BIG Surprise

There is a new live music venue and music production studio in Nashville, Tennessee and the team at Absolute AV Consulting could not be prouder of our contributions to this state-of-the-art facility!

The name of the studio AURORA Nashville. Situated at street level in the Pinnacle building downtown, AURORA Nashville is North America’s first 4K LIVE streaming audio video studio designed specifically to support the biggest names and labels the music industry

Our Involvement

The reason we are so excited, is Absolute AV Consulting, under the direction of our founder Richard Friesen, designed and installed all the technical aspects of the studio from control rooms, cameras, audio, lighting and displays. Working closely with interior designer, Beverly Malatesta, (beverlymalatestainteriors.com), everyone agrees the end result is ABSOLUTELY amazing!

AURORA Nashville is owned by high-end loudspeaker company, THIEL Audio. Not only did Absolute AV manage the technical build-out for THIEL Audio, we were also contracted to manage the in-house production until a permanent team could be staffed.

CeCe Winans in the House!

CeCe Winans’ announcing her first new CD in 9 years in a Facebook LIVE even originating from THEIL Audio’s AURORA Nashville live streaming video studio venue.CeCe Winans at AURORA Nashville during her Facebook Live event announcing her new CD, Let Them Fall In Love.

CeCe Winans’ Facebook Page with AURORA Nashville LIVE streaming video recording.AURORA Nashville has already hosted many performances and launch parties for top artists. During the CMA Week here in Nashville, it was a packed house at AURORA for Jerrod Niemann! And last week, CeCe Winans announced her first new album in nine years, “Let Them Fall In Love”, in a surprise Facebook LIVE stream from AURORA Nashville!

More To Come

As you might imagine there were many interesting stories and unique technical challenges building North America’s first streaming 4k studio. We will dive into those details and updates on performers and performances in future posts.

For now, we simply want to congratulate THIEL Audio and the AURORA Nashville team and to thank you for allowing Absolute AV Consulting to play a role in your success!

If you need help planning and building your music or video production studio, whether residential or commercial, please call us at (615) 656-8900, or email us!