Acoustic Art

Managing Acoustics Just Became Much More Interesting!

Blast From The Past!

Back in the day, you may have designed your own sound-absorbing foam walls in charcoal gray or black foam. These relics can still be found, but since you’ve probably moved on from playing electric guitar in your parent’s basement, it’s time to kick it up a notch and take your sound control to the next level!

Acoustic panels strategically placed on walls, ceilings and even windows are a great way to control sound and reduce noise. They serve two important purposes:

As a barrier to keep sound from leaving or entering a room;
To optimize the sound by making the music or person speaking or singing sound good.

Acoustic guitar and speaker in a modern living room


There are literally hundreds of different acoustic panels to fit your budget and space. No longer do they have to be the boring, beige rectangles of year’s past. Today’s modern acoustic panels like these pictured by Acoustic Innovations will transform your space into a work of art. They come in vibrant colors to neutrals in a variety of fabrics and sizes. But what if we told you there are acoustic panels that look like art?

Yes! You can have a complete room full of acoustic panels that look like an art gallery. You could angle square panels to look like diamonds or create an interesting collage of colors or photos.

Whether you need just one panel or twenty, there are hundreds of fantastic designs available. You can choose from modern art, skylines, nature scenes, animals, sports, music, food, health, business and more!

The most exciting thing is you can customize your acoustic panels with your own images! You can use family photos, vacation scenes, professional business photos and even text art. If you are a local Nashville business, adding a favorite Music City icon to your panels can give your walls a down-home, local feel. The possibilities are truly endless!

Modern living space overlooking Empire State Building

Imagine you are an orthodontist with an office that adjoins a noisy gym. You also have a computer file full of client photos with beautiful straight teeth. We can take those files and design your very own custom acoustic panel mural in your reception area and treatment rooms. They will help reduce the sound of clanging barbells, and you get the added bonus of featuring a wall of happy, satisfied customers. Now that’s a win-win!

Perfect for Residential or Commercial

Acoustic panels can be used in your home theater or media room. When you need a barrier between your home office or music room and your child’s nursery, they are practical solution. Ideal for offices, conference and board rooms, they will keep background noise to a minimum. For movie theaters, museums and libraries, these panels are essential.

Recording studios have used acoustic panels for years to mask outside sound like traffic while enhancing sound quality inside the studio. In addition, they are excellent for busy restaurants needing to up the ambiance and limit background noise so your customers will have a better dining experience. If you own a gym or sports facility, acoustic panels are important to combat not only the hard surfaces and bouncing balls to the Zumba® instructor’s blaring microphone and the lifeguard’s high-pitched whistle.

Lights in a modern living room space

Help minimize the overall ambient noise in school classrooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums and as well as churches. In schools for example, there is often excessive noise reverberation from the many hard surfaces in schools. Therefore, it difficult for some students to concentrate and focus on learning. For children who struggle with attention issues, it is a serious concern. Acoustic panels can solve this problem.

Absolute AV Consulting is Your Solution!

Whether you are a homeowner, musician or business owner, we can take the frustration and guesswork out of doing it yourself. At Absolute AV Consulting, we are experts when it comes to all things sound. From residential to commercial, we do it all from perfectly installing acoustic panels to adding complete home theater systems that truly WOW!

In addition, with our Pure Control home management system, you can remotely control your audio/visual, lighting & shading, HVAC, utilities, pool & spa, lawn sprinklers and home monitoring all from your smartphone! What a time-saver!!

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