8 Interesting Facts About LED Lighting

Do you have LED lighting in your home or business? LED Lighting has become a major trend in America.

Do you have LED lighting in your home or business? LED Lighting has become a major trend in America. Not only are they used in businesses, but they are also being added as a necessity in the home. Most people know that LEDs are more energy-efficient, but don’t know anything else about them. 

Here are 8 interesting facts about LED lighting!


An LED Bulb Could Last More Than 20 Years



      If an LED bulb is installed in a newborn baby’s room today and had normal use, then that bulb won’t need to be changed for over 20 years, meaning that one bulb lasts until he or she goes to college.


The LED Light Bulb Was Invented in 1963


The incandescent light bulb was invented in 1879. The LED was invented in 1963, 84 years later. And only in the last few years has the LED light bulb become widely available and at an approachable price point.


The Celebrated New Year’s Eve Ball That Drops in Times Square…


The celebrated New Year’s Eve ball that drops in Times Square each year is made up of 32,256 individual LED lights.


You can up your productivity with LED lighting



You can up your productivity with LED lighting. Tuning the shade (color) of light that LED bulbs put out, has been shown to increase productivity in the workplace, due to a reducing eye strain and increasing energy levels among workers.


LED stands for light-emitting diodes


LED stands for light-emitting diodes. This is what LED light bulbs use to produce light.


The LED Light Bulb Uses Energy More Efficiently with Little Wasted Heat.


Incandescent light bulbs release 90 percent of their energy as heat, whereas the LED light bulb uses energy more efficiently with little wasted heat.


The Transition from Incandescent Light Bulbs to LEDs Began in 1987!


There has been a transition of incandescent lights to LEDs in a variety of places, but the first time that LEDs actually did displace incandescent lamps was in vehicle brake lights, signal lights, and traffic lights back in 1987.


Over 95% of an LED Is Recyclable



LEDs contain no mercury at all — and over 95% of an LED is recyclable.




Do the bugs bother you? This isn’t a clear fact, but it might be worth trying if they are “bugging” you!

LEDs don’t attract bugs. Now, this “fact” isn’t so clear-cut. Those who reported it say the reason that bugs don’t fly toward LEDs is that bugs are attracted to ultraviolet light and at least some LEDs don’t give off this type of light. But that’s not universally true for all types of LEDs, but it could be worth trying!



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