5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home Before You Sell It

Are you about to put your home on the market? Here are some easy ways to add value to your home.

Are you planning on selling your beautiful home? Are you wanting to add value to it before you sell it? Tips to help you in the past were upgrading doorknobs, power wash your home, give your home a new paint job, and the list goes on. Of course, these are all wonderful ideas, but what if we can help you take it to another level?  Smart home automation is becoming a normal part of living. If a person is looking to purchase a home, they are already thinking of installing smart devices into their new home, but of course, if you already have them installed they would be very happy! Smart Home Automation is now being added to the appraisals of selling a home. Not only would it increase the value of the home but could also help sell the house faster!

Smart homes are not only for the younger generations. Older homeowners are looking for security features while the younger homeowners love how it saves them time and makes life easier! According to Statistics, the global smart home market is forecast to grow to 53.45 billion dollars in size by 2022.

What You Could Preinstall into Your Homes


Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat would make the home comfortable along with saving the homeowner money. You can pre-set your automated heating system to come on 30 minutes before you get out of bed, to turn off when you leave for work, and turn back on 30 minutes before you get home so that you will always feel comfortable but also save money and energy.


Smart Fire And CO Detector

The smart fire and CO detector will notify you on your phone if something is wrong. Detectors are very important, but we have all been annoyed when we accidentally burn something and the alarm starts going off in our ear. This won’t be a problem. If it starts going off, just turn it off with the app on your phone!


Video Doorbell

Video doorbells make your home so much safer. It lets you know who is at the door before you open it. It also could help make your home insurance cheaper.


Smart Lighting System

Smart lighting has so many wonderful features! Coming home to the dark isn’t very welcoming. With smart lighting, this isn’t a problem. You can have the lights come on before you get home. They are also great for security reasons as well. When you are out of town, you can set your lights to go on and off periodically to make burglars think someone is at home. And with the help of a voice assistant, you can tell the lights to come on and go off.


Smart Locks

Have you ever gotten to work or even another state on vacation and wondered if your door was locked? With smart locks, you don’t have to worry. Just look at the app on your phone and it will let you know if a door is unlocked. If it is, just press a button and it will lock it for you.



Adding one or more of these to your home will increase the value of your home and could help sell your house faster. We would love to talk more about the possibilities!



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