The Art of Disguise

Five Solutions for Hiding Your TV

Artful Technology

We’ve all seen them – flat screen TVs mounted on a wall or above a fireplace. When the TV is off, you still get to…watch the TV. It’s not attractive. Seriously, how much nicer would the room in the image above be if a work of art appeared above the fireplace instead of a TV?

At Absolute AV Consulting, we have several solutions to either disguise or hide your flat screen TV when it’s not in use!

The industry term for these solutions is Motorization. This basically means, hiding a TV behind something or making it disappear via some mechanical contraption. Here are five of the top solutions:

1. Moving Art

Decorators love this one, because the client can select from thousands of art prints! With this solution, a work of art is printed on a traditional roller shade. When the TV is not in use, the shade is down, displaying the art. When the TV is turned on, the art rolls up to reveal the TV. Genius! Our preferred partner for this solution is MediaDecor.com, as they have options for recessed as well as wall mount TVs.

2. Art Lift

The Art Lift offers a little more flexibility than Moving Art because it can be done with a painting or other piece of 2-D art that you already own. The painting is mounted in front of the TV and when the TV is turned on, the art piece is slid up or down, side to side. The art piece can even be split down the middle so that the left side slides left and the right side slides right, revealing We use MediaDecor.com for solution as well.

3. The Magic of Mirrors

The next solution involves the magic of mirrors! Seura.com offers a couple of extremely cool options. How about a mirror in your den that turns into a TV…or a TV image that appears in the middle of your bathroom vanity mirror! We can install either option as part of your home automation project!

4. Drop Down TV

Not to be confused with a projector screen that rolls down from the ceiling, with this solution the TV is stored in a false panel in the ceiling or possibly even in the attic. When stored within a false panel, the TV actually lays flat against the ceiling until it is needed. On demand, it swings down into view. An attic installation would simply drop the TV straight down from an opening in the ceiling. This solution is a custom solution. We would first visit you in your space and discuss the best location and method for making this happen for you.

5. Automated Furniture

Another popular option is to hide a TV inside a piece of furniture. This is generally also a custom solution and can be done with your favorite piece of furniture, or we can provide suggestions. We once had a customer with a favorite bureau at the foot of their bed. We converted the piece so that, at the push of a button, the TV rose up out of the piece – like it was sitting on top of the bureau. When the TV was turned off it would dutifully retreat back into the bureau. Beautiful!

Be honest. Wouldn’t you rather see art on a wall than a black TV screen? Let us help you decide the best solution for your living or work space!

However you prefer to hide your TV when not in use, we can make it happen! Give us a call at (615) 656-8900, or email us!