Keep Your Home Safe During Holiday Travel

Put your intelligent home into vacation mode when you travel for the holidays to keep your home safe and for you to have a peace of mind.

We all like to visit with family and have fun during the holidays, but we can’t help but worry about our homes. Put your intelligent home into vacation mode when you travel for the holidays and ease your mind.

See what your intelligent home can do with a push of a button…

Control Who is Coming and Going

With smart locks, you can make sure your doors are properly locked. If for some reason you need to let someone into your home, you can give them access from wherever you are. Also, you can see who is at the door with the video doorbell and can even communicate with them.


Make It Seem Like You Are Still Home

Putting your intelligent home into vacation mode will also schedule your lights to go on and off periodically to make it seem like someone is at home. This will help keep intruders away.

Don’t Worry About the Temperature of Your Home


Let your intelligent home take care of the temperature for you. Perfect temperature based on if you are away or at home. You can also have it turn on when you are headed back so that you get a cozy welcome home.

Let Your Detectors and Sensors Do Their Job


The detectors and sensors will help keep your home protected while you are gone. Whether it’s smoke, carbon monoxide, or a water leak, get notified of any dangers happening at home.

Keep Your Home Safe from Intruders

You will receive a notification on your phone, and you can verify the alarm with a push of a button. If it is not a false alarm, a loud alarm will start going off, all the shades will open, and all the lights will turn on.

Check Your Phone When You Need Reassurance

Are you still worried even with everything in vacation mode? It’s okay! Keep an eye on your home with a glance at your phone. You’ll also get notifications through your phone if anything is going wrong.



Have fun during the holidays without the worry of what’s going on at home!


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