How Smart is Your Home?

Home Automation for Comfort & Security

Home Automation At Its Best

In recent years, the term Smart Home has come to represent home automation at its best. It’s the idea that a home can somehow be programmed to know when to turn on lighting or sound, to raise or lower temperature, lock doors, or even control appliances. While our ability to automate to this level is relatively new, it is becoming more and more commonplace.

Where It All Began

Smart home technology began with the programmable thermostat, which has been around longer than you may realize. In fact, the first room thermostat was patented by Warren S. Johnson in 1883! Today, programmable thermostats are the norm; virtually every home has one; and yet, many go unused or underutilized.

In a recent study, a group of 192 people surveyed by the Energy Research and Social Science journal, researchers found that 42% had programmable thermostats and 39% of those users did not know how to program their thermostat. It goes on to say, Some users that have programmable thermostats set it to “permanent hold,” meaning the thermostat functions like a manual one. No programs will work.

We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

Needless to say, many advances have followed the programmable thermostat paving the way to today’s modern-day concept of a Smart Home. At Absolute AV Consulting, we prefer industry terms like automated systems and home automation when we talk about making homes, smart. And we understand that those terms may be overwhelming to many of you. But you may rest assured — the idea behind an automated system is that you don’t have to program it — it’s already done for you!

We’ve got you covered!

There are so many ways Absolute AV Consulting can help you automate your home — the possibilities truly are endless! Here are some ideas for adding convenience and security to your home.

Keepin’ It Cool

Temperature control can be achieved in a variety of ways depending on your preferences and lifestyle. You may choose a pre-programmed thermostat set to automatically adjust according to time zones you define. In Summer, the temperature would be set warmer when nobody is home and would automatically cool down again prior to your arrival home.

If you require more flexibility, pre-programmed settings can be turned on and off with the tap of a button on your cell phone or tablet. This lets you decide when. If you end up working an extra long day — or a short one — you can change the temperature in your home from wherever you are.

Either way you choose, you can be sure to come home at the end of a stifling hot day with your home already cool as a cucumber!

Setting The Mood

Interior and exterior lighting can also be set based on time zones or via pre-programmed buttons. Consider a dusk to dawn or dusk to midnight setting for exterior lighting and you’ll never again find yourself fumbling in the dark for keys or wondering what was that shadow in the bushes! Or simply press Home on your smartphone and — viola!

Imagine picking your phone up from your bedside table and pressing a button that will set your interior lighting to a soft glow first thing in the morning. No more stumbling in the dark to find coffee! And perhaps your coffee maker is turned on at the same time, so that a steamy cup o’ Joe is waiting for you when you reach the soft glow of your kitchen!

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

Don’t forget the music! Do you prefer to be greeted by smooth jazz after a long day at the office? We can make that happen! Need something more upbeat in the morning? Do you have a favorite play list for when you’re cooking or cleaning or working out? We can set all of that up for you — you just tap a button on your phone and your preferred playlist will keep you in the most productive mindset for your current activity!

Safety First

If you’re like most of us — hurrying to get out of town for a business or family event — you’ve probably forgotten to turn something on or off at least once. With an automated system you can put your house in vacation mode with the click of a button. Temperature, lighting and sound can be set just that easily. You may even choose to set the system to varied routines each day to give a more realistic appearance of someone home. For example, lights and TV can be turned on at varying times and in different rooms.

The Whole Shebang!

Do you want it all? We can give you that, too! Remember our Tiny Home project? For that installation we included temperature control, interior and exterior lighting, interior and exterior audio, a hidden TV, a projection screen that dropped from the ceiling; even a fire/water feature by the pool. I’m telling you, the possibilities really are endless!

Now imagine pressing a Home or Away button on your smartphone and having your home automatically set all of these things to your liking, all at once. That, my dear, is a Smart Home. And that is what we do.

At Absolute AV Consulting, we specialize in creating automated systems patterned around the lifestyles of our customers. So whether your desire is only for your thermostat to be programmed — or if you dream of a fully automated home, Absolute AV Consulting has you covered! Just, please — don’t set your thermostat on permanent hold! 🙂