7 Ways To Make Your Backyard a Relaxing Environment

Would you like to make your backyard a relaxing place to hangout but not sure where to start? Read these 7 ways to make it happen!

Relaxing shouldn’t be confined to the inside of your home. Let us help you take the technology to your backyard. Whether you’re having a family night, having a barbeque with friends, or just having some time to yourself, let us help you make it convenient and enjoyable!


Whatever you are doing, barbecuing, relaxing in the sun, watching a movie, having a party, swimming, or just playing with the kids we will help you make it easy with no more hassle.



  1. What do you do when the guests are at the door, but you are in the backyard getting prepared? You can unlock the door for them by pressing a button on your phone.
  2. Ready for a movie night? Simply get it ready by pushing a button. You can start the movie on your outside TV, activate the speakers, and adjust the lights.
  3. While you are at the grill, you can ask your voice assistant to turn on the patio lights, and when the food is ready, you can use the intercom feature on your app to inform your family and guests that the food is ready!
  4. Touch screens allow not only the family but also guests to adjust lights, change songs and playlists, and even set up entire scenes.
  5. Relaxing and don’t want to get up? Use the app on your phone to turn on the fire pit and lights.
  6. You can schedule the pool temperature to adjust automatically.
  7. With speakers and TVs made for the outdoors, there is no more hassle with having to take everything inside when the weather gets bad, or it is time to go inside. You can also press one button on a lighting keypad and turn it all off!



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