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We Are Nerds... And We're Proud Of It!

Over the last several years the custom installation market has grown from a small niche market to one of the fastest growing segments of the consumer electronics industry. Absolute AV acts like a "filter" against bad products, using our professional expertise to only recommend products that we know will work well.

Here are some products that we think are really cool. So cool, we use them ourselves!

And we didn’t get paid to say that -- we are not a retailer.

3D/LED Projectors

Digital Projection

Digital Projection

Offering ultra high-performance, 3-chip and single-chip, DLP® projection systems, Digital Projection is the industry standard for demanding applications such as large-venue, live-event staging, education, medical and scientific research, command and control, digital cinema, commercial entertainment, houses of worship and elite home cinema.

Audio Server

Autonomic Controls

Autonomic Controls Audio Servers

When it comes to Audio Servers, Autonomic Controls' cloud-based media server is the hands down winner! Connecting music lovers to the greatest selection and highest quality of content, the experience is limited only by your imagination.