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We Are Nerds... And We're Proud Of It!

Over the last several years the custom installation market has grown from a small niche market to one of the fastest growing segments of the consumer electronics industry. Absolute AV acts like a "filter" against bad products, using our professional expertise to only recommend products that we know will work well.

Here are some products that we think are really cool. So cool, we use them ourselves!

And we didn’t get paid to say that -- we are not a retailer.

Electrostatic Speakers


MartinLogan Electrostatic Speakers

One of the first electrostatic speakers ever built, was made in the 1920's, fabricated from a pig intestine coated in gold leaf and stretched out as large as a door. From the moment that speaker began playing, its realism stunned listeners. Unfortunately, that speaker promptly disintegrated, but the inventors knew they were onto something. Fast forward, we assure you no pigs will be harmed if you choose MartinLogan electrostatic speakers, but your desire to listen to anything else, may be sacrificed. MartinLogan -- electrostatic perfection. 

Wireless Speakers

Heos by Denon

Heos by Denon

Fill every room with music. Plug in, connect to your wireless network and play. It's really that easy and that's why Heos by Denon is our BFF when it comes to wireless speakers. 


Rolling Art

Media Décor

Media Decor Rolling Art

Designed from the ground up to fill a rising demand to discretely hide large flat screen displays in homes and conference rooms, Media Décor’s products make the technology disappear when not in use.