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  • It's Called

    It's Called "Pure Control"

    It’s not just about a fancy theatre room anymore, it’s about managing your environment from almost any device to control operating costs and conserve energy.

    With the explosion of the internet and smartphones, home automation has evolved into Pure Control!

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  • Don't Let The Cable Guy Manage Your Home!

    Don't Let The Cable Guy Manage Your Home!

    Would you really want the cable company to manage the systems in your home? Really?

    Let us take care of it.

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  • Get SMS Notifications

    Get SMS Notifications

    Get instant updates so you know what's going on at your home or office at all times.

    Whether you're on vacation and you left a window or garage door open, or detecting a leak before it destroys your home or office, these SMS notifications can be a lifesaver.

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Acoustic Panels - A Beautiful Way to Control Sound

Absolute AV Consultiing discusses the many options today for decorative acoustic panels.

Blast From The Past!

Back in the day, you may have designed your own sound-absorbing foam walls in charcoal gray or black foam. These relics can still be found, but since you’ve probably moved on from playing electric guitar in your parent’s basement, it’s time to kick it up a notch and take your sound control to the next level...

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Very clean install.

28 Jun 2017
Jim K - Thumbtack

Absolute AV did a great job of installing my 220V plug for my car. Very clean install.

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Cross-Platform Expertise

Apple Android Harmony

Leave the debate to the bloggers - Absolute AV offers expert solutions for all the popular platforms including Apple/iOS, Android and PC operating systems. We can speak to the strengths of each platform, but at the end of the day it is usually personal preference and we 're fine with that. 

If you want to integrate your iPhone, iPad, AppleTV or MacBook Pro you don't need someone asking you what the Apple key is for, or trying to sell you on merits of PC. We get it. Likewise, if you have a Android device, you don't want to be lectured by an Apple fanboy.

The truth is, all the technology does essentially the same things, just a little differently. No debate; it's all the same to us.

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  • Pure Control >

    What is Pure Control?  Pure Control evolved out of home automation. It’s not just about a fancy theatre room anymore... Read More
  • Utility Monitoring >

    Catch the "Oh no!" in time... Water leak? Furnace go out? ...While you are on vacation? Read More
  • Premises Monitoring >

    Protect What's Important Wouldn’t it be nice to know whether or not you locked the back door? Or more importantly, when someone unlocks a door... Read More
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